Spring update : improving Floorplans
Mar 31, 2014

It has been some time since you’ve heard from us. We’re happy to mention some improvements and updates of the Floorplanner tool. Lately, we've been working hard on improving Roomstyler and Floorplanner simultaneously.

New drawing features

We added some little details that could matter for a lot of our users.
1) Rotate your entire plan at a custom angle. This is ideal for drawing plans with rooms at an angle, like the one displayed.
2) The option to get the total floor area of your plan. You can see in one go the total square size of all your auto-generated rooms, and also of your custom surfaces. We’ve had the option in m2 for some time now, but now we also added the option in square feet.
3) Extra assets. The last months we’ve added plumbing symbols, server- and network equipment, a tennis court and an indoor soccer field. Also we improved the look of some assets like our TV screens.

Tutorials & Tricks

We started a series of tutorial movies in which we explain how to draw in Floorplanner. Every now and then we will add a new movie showing some new tricks or features to get the plans you need.

Also, we added some documents with Tips and Tricks on several subjects. For instance: How to draw an Attic, How to add a legend, Repairing your floorplan We’re glad to see that since then, the quality of attic plans has been visibly improved, and we see more and more people using floorplanner for electric- and plumbing plans with a legend explaining all the symbols.

Czech version!

In january we released a Czech version! We hope to bring all the floorplanner goodness to the Czech- and the Slovak republic. Thanks to our dedicated translators!

If you want to hear about our latest features or see the amazing plans our users are making, just like our facebook page. For questions or feedback, please visit our forum

Floorplanner partners with Officeplanner to visualize office space
Jun 11, 2013

Floorplanner extends its platform into office spaces through a partnership with Officeplanner. This partnership adds a new possibility to the Floorplanner platform that allows people to automatically create different office layout proposals within seconds and see them in 3D.

“Visualising the possibilities of a particular space is hard and hiring a designer to draw up a custom proposal brings additional costs” says Jeroen Bekkers, CEO of “Officeplanner solves this by delivering custom 3D layout proposals on the fly based on the floorplan from our platform. It saves companies and real estate agents considerable time and money but also gives them much better insights into the potential of a space.”

Leading Dutch property portal is among the first to use the Officeplanner / Floorplanner integration within their website. This integration went live this week with over 250 office spaces already enabled with this feature.

Jan Werkman, commercial manager at Funda, says: "From experience we know that it's difficult for future tenants or buyers to see the potential of an empty office just by looking at a floorplan. They have a hard time visualizing if this is the right space for them. The interactive 3D floorplan from Officeplanner helps to bridge this 'imagination gap' based on the most advanced internet technology available."

HTML5 floorplans for phones and tablets
May 30, 2013

Floorplans are an essential part of any serious property presentation. And more and more people are accessing these presentations on mobile devices – property portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla in the UK state that over 30% of their traffic now comes from a phone or tablet. That means that floorplans need to be shown at their best in these mobile environments too.

Floorplanner floorplans can be output as 2D and 3D high quality images - but also as interactive floorplans. These interactive floorplans can be easily embedded into any website, as easily as embedding a YouTube movie. The advantage of an interactive floorplan is that it engages home hunters far more in planning the rooms, seeing if it corresponds to their needs, driving up emotional attachment to a property which results in better leads.

HTML5 for phones and tablets

We’re really pleased to announce that interactive floorplans are now available on all mobile devices. We recently released an HTML5 version of the interactive floorplan viewer especially designed for phones and tablets.

What’s even better is that you don't have to change anything. Whenever you load a floorplan on a mobile device, the new HTML5 version is automatically loaded.

Floorplans to scale

A house can have several floor levels and the floors can have different sizes. We have improved our mobile viewer to automatically display each floor to the same scale. This way, it's easier for a home hunter to understand the size of the floorplans and thus the house.

So have a look – get out your phone or tablet and try it out for yourself. We hope you’ll be impressed! Check out these plans for instance:

Floorplanner acquires London based Mydeco3D to help bridge the Imagination Gap for home buyers
May 17, 2013

New research has discovered that 73% of people experience the “Imagination Gap”; an inability to visualise themselves, their furniture or their belongings in a property for sale or to rent, even after viewing pictures online. A surprising 70% of people still can’t imagine how a property will look after seeing it in person.

This has serious implications for the property market, as the same research by Floorplanner found that 75% of people are less likely to purchase or rent a property if they cannot imagine living in it.

To tackle the significant problem of this Imagination Gap in the property market, Floorplanner today announced the purchase of Mydeco3D Ltd. Mydeco’s award winning 3D room planner tool adds new depth to online property listings by enabling floorplans to be populated with virtual, highly accurate versions of real-world products and furnishings. This is key to addressing the difference between how a property looks today and what it might look like after it has been purchased, furnished and decorated.

“A floorplan is a crucial component of any property listing. Our research shows over 50% of consumers spend more time viewing properties that have an interactive floorplan, making a sale or let much more likely,” said Jeroen Bekkers, CEO and Founder of Floorplanner. “Floorplanner has always had a unique interactivity that helps people visualise properties more clearly. With the addition of Mydeco’s technology, we’ll be able to close the Imagination Gap of house-purchasers and home-makers by delivering room styling in an even more compelling way. Unlike photos or static 2D plans, our platform can show the future potential of a property, making it easier to buy, sell, let and rent a property.”

Soon to be integrated with Floorplanner’s current, cutting-edge technology, this new platform allows buyers and renters to personally style each room, using a virtual model of a property, both prior to and after moving in.

“Almost a million rooms have been designed with Mydeco’s 3D tools,” added Jeroen. “Combining the success of this technology with Floorplanner’s well-established platform will help real estate agents offer better floorplans for all listed properties. We have created something that homebuyers can really understand. Our 3D modelling content keeps them engaged with online property listings for longer, driving up interest, engagement and ultimately the price achieved.”

Update: check out the coverage on the Wall Street Journal and TheNextWeb.

Black and white style
Apr 24, 2013

Over the years we have seen a growing number of properties that are presented online with a colorful, interactive floorplan made with Floorplanner. However a lot of floorplans are still printed on paper and in many cases this is in black & white and for this a more “cleaner” look helps readability.

We have provided a black & white export option for some time now but as we are always looking to improve things we are rolling out some improvements that will make it even easier to create a more technical 2D look for your floorplans.

Some of the things we recently added are:

  • A collection of black and white furnishing items to our libraries
  • Simple doors and windows
  • Hatch patterns for your floors
  • A black and white export option
  • The option to turn off shadows

Check out this plan as an example:

Or, with a subtle color:

We will be improving things further in the near future. Think about:

  • More black and white items
  • More hatches for your floors
  • Easier PDF/image export
  • A small tutorial on how to get the best black and white look

To get black and white furnishing items, do a search for "blackandwhite" in the sidebar. toggle the grey buttons below the search bar to get the topviews

We'll keep you posted!

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