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edwinvandegraaf 2015-05-02 14:59

Hi All,
I’m searching for a while now, but i can’t seem to find the answer, or workaround for my quistion.

I want to publish and export my floorplans with a specific branding.
I’ve made a background picture (found it has to be max 2800*2000px) set up the disclaimer tekst etc.. but i cannot export with this background-branding…
now i have to export blank plans and paste them via photoshop on a background, this should be much easier…
Can someone please help me? thx in advance…

edwinvandegraaf 2015-05-07 11:08

anyone? can’t imagine i am the only one facing this issue…
perhaps a floorplanner-employ knows the answer? 2015-05-15 09:59

The background image option in the styles funtion is a bit confusingly named… It doesn’t really mean the direct background of a floorplan, but the border color/image/pattern in the screen that loads your floor plan. For instance these plans:
Example 1
Example 2

In the Project create screen you can also upload a background image, but that’s for an existing drawing that you wish to trace, as explained in this video

edwinvandegraaf 2015-05-27 17:27

Ok, Nico, thx for your answer, this means that after i’ve made my floorplan with a scan of the building, i have to remove the ‘onderlegger’ (dutch for the thing thats explained in the video) and upload a ‘standard’ one?
I hoped it was possible to create a style with a background image and export the floorplan with that backgrond eg logo etc….

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