HELP!! this program is too tricky, why does it only sometimes work, I just want to make rooms!!

Anónimo 2015-05-11 20:24

hello I have been playing around way too long and its getting very frustrating, I am trying to make rooms within a plan. I can make them, well sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But if i move a wall they stay the same size. some rooms will not read as a separate room. Most importantly I cannot change or put in the measurements I need of the actual building so I know the doors, windows, walls are right. I am trying to one make a plan of a real building that is accurate and then add in rooms; that will be temporary dividing rooms I will be building and be able to move their walls and get accurate readings of how big they will be and how much space is left in the existing room etc . I need to make rooms around to see what will fit best, how big etc but if i move things they still say they are the same size, your rooms do not read as rooms, they are hard to make, and I can;t add in the accurate measurements between things into the plan so its all just off. If you look at my plan everything marked studio is a temporary room not in the original building. why do the rooms not automatically match up with the existing walls?? everytime you do something it throws what you already had off….please help!! 2015-05-15 06:08

Hi there. I can see want went wrong in your plan. It’s not very easy to fix it, so I suggest to take a look at these 2 tutorials and start over… Sorry to hear about your frustration.

Floorplanner Basics 1: Drawing walls
Floorplanner Advanced 2

Also, this document shows how to fix broken plans

Hope this helps you out.

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