Roomstyler Not Opening From Dashboard

Anónimo 2015-05-23 08:36

Hi, I was trying to change the wall colors in the 3-D mode, but learned on this forum that you can only do that in Roomstyler now. When I click on the “open in Roomstyler” link, though, nothing happens. It will not open a new link or take me to a different screen. Please advise. I need to finish this ASAP!! I paid for this service and specifically needed to edit the floorplans in 3-D. 2015-05-23 11:50

It doesn’t open a screen to log in to roomstyler?
You first have to create a (free) account in to access your plan, I forgot to mention that.
I tried to open your plan too, an it opened after a few seconds, but that doesn’t help you much.

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