Adding a new floor

Anónimo 2015-06-01 07:30

When adding a new floor, via the + sign in the bar next to the already excisting floors, I get the following message: ‘undefined’. Then trying the tool button, and adding a new floor via this, a new floor is not shown. Can you please help me adding a new floor? Thanks. 2015-06-01 08:42


You have reached the limit of designs you can have in your project. If you want to create more, you can either upgrade, to a Plus or Pro account, from our pricing page, or buy an extra project, from your dashboard.

Anónimo 2015-06-01 09:22

So 3 floors is the maximum number? Or should I simply delete a few designs in the floors (i.e. max 2 designs per floor)? 2015-06-01 10:36

yes 3 floors is the max, but also there is a max in amount of designs per project.
you can also delete designs to make space indeed.

Hudson Langwell
Hudson Langwell 2015-07-04 02:41

Sometimes seeing is motivating. Look at the flooring gallery for new flooring concepts. Whether you’re remodeling one room or your whole house, one of our flooring galleries exhibits is sure to give you clean concepts for including a new ground to your space.

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