Can't find saved floorplan (Hughesnet Summit)

Anónimo 2015-06-02 17:00

I spent all day saving a project as I edited it and now it’s nowhere to be found. The funny thing is that I emailed it twice to my boss and it was the correct version but when I look at it from my account, the latest version is nowhere to be found.PLEASE HELP! The correct version was edited on June 2. 2015-06-05 05:58

Designs shared by email will not be shown in a project, only as a separate design, accesible through the link in the email. The original is separated from the one you shared, and will go separate ways on editing and saving.

Maybe you/your boss can paste the link here to the latest version that you want to have in your project, and I can see what I can do.

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