unsnap corners to create diverse heights

Anónimo 2015-06-03 15:58

It seems there are two problems:
1. walls snap together and cannot be split and adjusted to different heights.
2. the create a wall function does not allow a wall to be adjusted vertically. 2015-06-05 04:49


Creating walls with different height is a bit tricky, but possible. There are 2 ways of adjusting the wall height:
1) click the wall in the middle, choose ‘edit height’ and adjust the height. This will adjust the height of the entire wall, but will not lower the wall corners of the connected walls
2) Click the wall corner and adjust the height of that corner. This will make all walls connected slope to that height.

If for some reason this doens’t work, you can replace the wall that needs a different height with a single wall section, drawn with the 3rd construction icon, first option.

If still no luck, draw an arrow of the wall that should be straight on a specific height, and paste the link to the design in this post and I’ll take a look.

this pdf may also help you out with heights.

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