Walls color

Anónimo 2015-06-08 18:45

Hi, Do you know how to change the top colors of the walls? I saw it on your facebook page but didn’t know how to do it but at first , I tried the double clicking it and it did not show the color square box . 2015-06-09 04:26

We took that option out in the new 3D viewer.

Anónimo 2015-06-09 14:22

Thank you so much! :)

SBergmans 2015-06-15 14:41

Why oh why would you take that option out??

Anónimo 2015-06-20 07:08

Is floor planner looking at installing the painting option. When this tool worked on the older version it was good, however now there no options available apart from Room Styler which is not the best tool to use.

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