Anónimo 2015-06-10 11:18

So On Tuesday, When I was making my project, I added the " Double Stairs" ground in, it looked fine in 2d until I click on 3d view, it showed " loading data, generating etc." and it was hard to come closer. The floor looked light in 2d but it looked dark in 3d. I know that there is another ground that has a dark wood also called " double stairs". So if I ever want to have a dark ground floor i would have picked that but instead I want the light one that will also been shown in 3d view. I support Floorplanner but I also want it to load normally. :) It will be better. 2015-06-13 04:48

So by Double Stairs you mean a type of texture you selected in a room or area?

I think that there may be a different surface under your other surface coming through in 3D. Try to delete the surfaces one by one and draw them again, so you will not have multiple layers of surfaces any more.

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