Export suddenly stopped working

Mule 2011-06-02 09:37

Since about 30 minutes i do no longer receive emails from floorplanner. Did try 3 different email accounts until now. Any idea what is happening? 2011-06-02 10:37

Hi, I tried to export one of your designs from the sidebar with success. It may help to reload your project. If not:
What was the design name that you tried to export?
Did you export from the sidebar or from the project actions?

Mule 2011-06-02 10:38

Neither of the designs under “Garten&Vorgarten” and “Garten” are being exported. The others are ok. Even a copy doesn’t work and after trying to redraw it manually it doesn’t export either. :-(

Mule 2011-06-02 10:48

Mhmm, suddenly it’s working again without reloading or anything else?! Did you do anything? 2011-06-02 11:03

Hmm I can’t receive them as well. We’ll take a look at it. I think there are some elements in this design that are not coming through our image renderer but we’ll have to find out which it is.

Mule 2011-06-02 11:18

While it was not working i had the same idea as you (a single element is making this mess). I therefore tried deleting element by element, but even after i had a clean sheet the export didn’t work?!

One side note: Even the preview on the dashboard wasn’t rendered for this design. But now as the export is working again, the preview appears too… 2011-06-02 11:57

They seem to work now here, for you the same?

Mule 2011-06-02 13:55

Yes, suddenly they work without being changed. Thanks for your quick help!

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