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J+E 2009-02-26 16:36

Dear floorplanner
Only a few weeks ago I could save more designs than I can do now. If I press the save icon, the option to save a design with a new name is not possible anymore…??? Has a limit been installed? How many different designs of each floor can we save?

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-02-27 06:15

Hello Esther and Will,

Thanks for reporting the problem. Could you send us a mail to, then I can log into your account and see what the problem might be.

kind regards,

Floorplanner Team

Voltstorm 2009-03-23 16:15

No matter what I try to do I can not rename any of my designs.
Duplicate design – give name – press duplicate it still is called “My first design”.
Start new design – type in name – gives it the name “My first design”

Anónimo 2009-06-10 07:02

Is there a limit to the amount of copies one can make? I have 3 copies and I’m trying to make a forth. Thanks

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