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Anónimo 2009-07-15 17:16

How the heck do I navigate in 3d? I want to show a certain veiw from a certain room. I can zoom in, and pan, but no way to “walk” to the spot I want to see while zoomed in. Can not figure out how to get to that spot.

Brendan 2010-10-30 03:39

I’m seconding this. Only “pan” is currently not a pan at all, it’s more like a rotate, with the “center of gravity” always in the center of the screen. This makes it really hard to get a close up view of small rooms in large floor plans. Perhaps the floorplanner guys could give us a true pan? Maybe while holding down the shift key?

Anónimo 2011-11-08 20:23

Wow 2 years later, and still no pan in 3D. :( I too would really like this to hone in on a room in the corner of the plan.

Anónimo 2012-01-25 21:36

Same here.. and i thought i was doing something wrong.. That would be really useful.. please!

Anónimo 2013-01-05 14:17

Still no way to navigate in 3D view? The absens of this basic feature renders this otherwise very nice application useless. What is the point of planning a corner room if you cant place the camera in that room?

Anónimo 2013-03-05 07:54

Agreeing with everyone else. PAN IS ESSENTIAL!!!!

Anónimo 2013-07-11 08:25

I agree on this too. It is painful to center a specific part of the design. 3D navigation needs improvement here urgently…

Anónimo 2014-12-28 17:34


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