BUG: Huge Drop shadows

Anónimo 2009-09-15 22:17

Things seem to be getting growing drop shadows.

I move things about, like a microwave – and suddenly it has acquired a huge dropshadow making it look like it was hovering high above a table.

Nothing seems to be able to adjust this (not height or elevation of either subject), and since there doesn’t appear to be a dropshadow setting – this is very annoying.
I have to drag the item out from the library and place it again to get rid of the drop shadow

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2009-09-17 04:55

Thanks for reporting, I looked at your plan but couldn’t reproduce the bug. I’m not sure yet what might be the cause of it. Maybe it helps to reload the plan? Otherwise, there is a possibility to turn off all dropshadows in the options under the 2D menu.

kind regards,


Anónimo 2009-09-24 22:20

Interesting, you can’t reproduce it – because I can’t shake it.

And I just tried turning them of in the 2D menu, BUT the shadows return when I zoom in and out, even though its unchecked in the 2D menu.

Fascinating. 2009-10-06 03:01

We fixed the shadow bug. When you turn the shadows off, the stay off when zooming in and out. Thanks for telling us about this problem.

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