Furniture Request

Geekgirl 2008-11-16 00:34

I know your working really hard on the beta versions, but I’d like to request bunk beds as a furniture item. In the older version where the 3-D wasn’t that useful, it didn’t really matter, and a single bed could represent bunkbeds, but in the new version, it’d be great to have actual bunk beds that work in 3-D.

Floorplanner staff
Floorplanner staff 2008-11-19 07:02

Hi, thanks for the remark, I quite agree it is usefull now. We’ll try to add one soon

kind regards,
Floorplanner Team

Anónimo 2009-12-14 01:38

Ditto on this, as well as loft beds I’m trying to recreate my dorm room since since we have 2 people in a prohibitively tiny space, out beds our lofted, and I want to be able to represent that.

FireLight 2011-07-28 19:10

i third that…

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