unable to save

jr 2009-11-11 10:23

trying to save only gives message “UNDEFINED”… 2009-11-12 04:58


Does this still happen?
I tried saving a test plan in your account and it seemed to work fine.

kind regards,


Anónimo 2009-11-12 09:34

i also have same problem..:(

Anónimo 2009-11-12 20:48

any suggestion to fix the problem…? 2009-11-13 05:29


We’re on it. seems to be a bug.

thanks for reporting


Anónimo 2009-11-14 17:32

Same thing here

jr 2009-11-15 03:30

works fine in I.E., not in Firefox (3.5.5)

Anónimo 2009-11-15 22:28

I have tried in Internet Explorer 8.0, it also has same problem..:(

Vincent 2009-11-29 00:42

I’ve been having the same problem for a few weeks. I can’t save in FF, IE8 and Opera.
Could you please get this fixed.
I don’t want to update my drawings without being able to save the changes.

Anónimo 2009-11-29 11:32

any update for this bug?
I have tried at my side, still have same problem..:(

Anónimo 2009-12-07 07:45

Can’t save her too! (for weeks…) 2009-12-09 10:25

could you please report,whether this bug has been fixed?? without save option the floorplanner is useless :(

gally 2009-12-14 11:33

I cant save here too, tried everything that has been suggested. :-( 2009-12-15 05:14

@ Caroline: you’re plan should be fixed now; sorry it took so long.
kind regards,

Nico 2009-12-15 05:25

@ faraon: I had no problem saving a design in your account. are you still having this problem?

Nico 2009-12-15 05:41

@ gally: yours should be ok now too… let me know if you have any problems

Nico 2009-12-15 06:13

@ Vincent: your plan should also be savable now.


jr 2009-12-15 07:18

save works fine now in Firefox 3.5.5. thanx

leolevay 2009-12-19 16:53

I can’t save here too…for more than 1 year and I haven’t been able to save any project. It appears the message “undefined” when I click to save it. 2009-12-22 04:37

Hi Leolevay,

Because there was no design made yet, I removed your project that gave the saving error. You can create a new one now by clicking on the “start a new project” button in your dashboard. Only projects created in a certain period in 2008 have this saving bug, we ony found out about it recently; We’re sorry you haven’t been able to save for so long. Have you posted this error before, because then we probably have missed it?

kind regards,


latrekc 2009-12-22 05:12

Same thing here 2009-12-22 10:04

@latrekc: Should work now

ronihind 2009-12-28 00:39

I also cannot save. I am logged in and when hit the disc (save) icon I am asked to sign up. So I do again as well as adding my login details and I get the same error… I am on a mac, Firefox. I only joined up today.

Also, when I save as a PDF I only get the scale chart. The rest is blank.

Help please. 2009-12-29 09:42

Hi Ronihind,

I just checked out your account and saving in your account worked OK here today, also on a mac in Firefox 3.0.15
Is it still not working today?
Also, how did you save as a PDF? This is not possible yet, so probably you chose of of the functions in the browser?

kind regards,


Anónimo 2010-01-08 09:47


Sorry, but it seems to be a hot topic….
I’m having the same problem… 2010-01-14 10:03

I checked your plan but it doesn’t seem to have any saving problems anymore. It wasn’t created in 2008 either, so I guess it was probably due to a temporary server downtime…
If you still can’t save, please let us know



bill 2010-02-17 16:53

i dont even have a save icon

Anónimo 2010-06-01 17:05

“undefined” error on attempt to save is happening again.

Nickb 2010-08-08 23:26

Using Firefox 3.6.8. Several times today got the ‘undefined’ empty box message when I tried to save. Logging out and back in helped for a while, then the problem came back. Will try in IE8 for a little bit to see if it makes a difference.

Anónimo 2011-01-14 05:36

Hi, I have same problem to save my design.
Please, can you fix my problem and save my drawing?

Thank you very much!

Anónimo 2011-06-12 19:06

I have the same problem. I was editing an existing design, using Chrome. After making (quite a lot) of edits, I can’t save the design. Could this be a cookie problem? After a while, cookie times out, login is not valid anymore => unable to save. Instead, a login form should be shown. Can it be something in that direction?

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