[Error] Copy designs between 2 projects

Anónimo 2009-11-16 00:07

How can I copy designs between 2 projects?

I have tried in “My dashboard” view, click on the “copy project” icon in the project I would like to copy.

An error message pop up:
“No such file or directory – /home/floorplanner/beta/release/20091113180210/public/designs/18133319/18171446.xml”

After that, it has created an empty new project, but don’t copy the designs. 2009-11-17 04:38

Hi, this due to the same error in your plan we haven’t been able to fix yet. It’s a really nasty bug that makes any copying action of the designs in your plan impossible. Sorry for this, until we found the problem, I can’t help anymore than tell you to draw it over again.

kind regards,


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